A rádió

Csillagpont Rádió - The Health Radio

The radio is Hungary's first and only health themed media channel.  The radio broadcasts since 2010 in Miskolc FM 94 MHz. The main aim of the radio, that has been  operated by Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Patients Foundation, is to reach and educate young and middleaged peple  how  to live a healthy life, and how to be healthy. Furthermore the radio trys to reach elderly people to help them to restore their health. Also its aim to promote the society’s attitude to change unhealthy lifestyle,  spread informtion and raise awareness.

Fundamental values:

Our radio presents  wide and clear information that is built up thematicly such as: symptoms of a disease, cures, alternative method of treatments, medical opinions,  as well as the latest researches.
We deal with healthy lifestyle, physical activity, healthy nutrition, topics and popular themes such as baby-mama, dieting, diet, fitness, wellness, organic food, vitamins, beauty care, mental health, religion and religious life, medicine related to alternative therapies history, etc. .
We pay special attention to the operation of local health and educational institutions, professional and research-related news results.